Santa Answers...
Are you the real Santa?
Of course! Santa is real to all who believe.
How do you get in if we don't have a chimney?
I have a magic key that allows me to open doors one time a year.
How did you name your reindeer?
The reindeer's parent named them before they came to live with me at the North Pole.
How did you pick your reindeer?
The reindeer competed in the Annual Reindeer Games for the honor of being on my team. Because it's a team, we need all kinds of reindeer; smart ones, strong ones, fast ones…and a special one with a red nose.
How many elves do you have?
As many as I need…and no more.
How old are you?
As old as my toes and older than my whiskers.
How much do you weigh?
Plenty. But, not too much. Mrs. Claus feeds me healthy food like vegetables and warm bread.
Do you have any children?
All of the world's children belong to Santa.
Why do you wear a red suit?
So I don't get lost in the snow.
Who makes all the toys? Do you buy any of them?
The elves and I make most of the toys, but some of them can only be purchased at the store. Santa does shop sometimes, but only for special things.
What is your favorite Christmas Eve snack?
I love cookies and milk, but will try any new treat that you leave for me. No, I'm not lactose intolerant.
What do your reindeer eat?
They eat regular reindeer food most of the time, but on Christmas Eve they get a special treat of magic, sparkling reindeer feed.
Is there really a Rudolph?
Yes! I need to make sure that I can get to everyone's home, even in the worst storm. This is where Rudolph helps the most.
Why do you live at the North Pole?
The North Pole has easy access to every part of the world.
Is there any food that you don't like?
I will try almost anything except reindeer steaks.
How do you get around the world to all the houses in one night?
I fly from east to west to take advantage of the time zones. Of course, a little magic helps too!
How do you get back up the chimney?
I lay a finger to the side of my nose and give a nod, up the chimney I go!
How do you get all the toys in your sleigh at one time?
I have a magic sack that doesn't ever run out of toys until I've finished at every house.
Why are there lots of Santas at the mall?
Santa needs lots of helpers. Some of the helpers have real beards and some don't, but they are all trained personally by me.
Are your whiskers real?
As real as my teeth, and a heck of lot younger.
Is there really a Mrs. Claus?
Yes, her name is Nana Kringle. She helps me keep my list of who's been naughty and who's been nice. She also makes warm cocoa before bedtime.
What is your real name?
I have many names. Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Pere Noel, Sinterklaas, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, the Holly King, Papa Noel, Babbo Natale, Jultomten, Julenissen, Kanakaloka are just a few.
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